Torrenting is an effective way to talk about digital content, including movies, games, and music. However, it’s not really without risks: copyright intrusion is frowned upon in many countries, and if you are caught pirating files, you could be fined or locked up. A good vpn for torrenting will ensure your online privacy and security.

Signing, Privacy and Speed

Think about a vpn for torrenting, you should choose one that keeps simply no logs on your activities. The provider will need to also provide strong security and a destroy switch to preserve your data in case there is connection reduction.

ExpressVPN is a great choice meant for torrenting since it offers fast download rates across 94 different hosts, has 256-bit AES security with perfect forward secrecy, and will not continue to keep any targeted traffic logs. In addition, it has a integrated kill turn, which inhibits traffic coming from leaking upon the unencrypted network when you’re offline.

PrivateVPN is a relatively young VPN service with a little server network, but it offers blazing fast connections and rock-solid security. It doesn’t continue traffic logs or website traffic, and comes with an optional destroy switch to prevent data leakages when you’re offline.

CyberGhost is known as a solid decision for torrenting because it provides a huge server network and dedicated profiles for P2P users. Plus, their NoSpy machines sit away from 14 Eyes legislation, which makes all of them a great choice intended for privacy.

PIA is another remarkable choice for torrenting because it includes a large network of private and protected servers in several countries, which includes US, UK, Canada, Sydney, and Spain. Its privacy-centric approach, associated with a demanding no-usage-logs insurance policy (which PIA calls the Privacy Guarantee), makes it a trusted choice for all types of torrenting.