They don’t make an actual Pi coin price prediction and say that the value of the cryptocurrency will heavily depend on its popularity among investors — and it’s something that is impossible to predict. The nodes form groups of between three and five trusted people known to each of the network’s users. These then build a network that, at least in theory, stops fraudulent transactions, because transactions can only be validated if the trusted nodes approve them. While many investors shy away from traditional mining due to expensive machines and power usage, Pi Network may have provided a viable solution. Given the controversial nature of the project such as no pi coin value, no mainnet, and no blockchain, the network remains speculative.

They make money from everyone who want to verify their account and they are non-US residents. Thank you for making a very well researched article. After reading some of your first comments though I can’t help but want to encourage your team.

How does Pi Network work

You’ll be able to trade in real time with traders around the world and can make your own Pi coins and even sell them if you want. The second proposed app, which is referred to as Pi Cryptocurrency, will be used by smallminers that wish to mine Pi easily and without having to worry about maintaining and managing a full node. The first app that will be released under this scenario will be a currency converter, which will help traders compute exchange rates between different currencies. We are always at ease when we know that “professionals” are handling a certain project. But what’s been happening with Pi Network is that people are jumping on board solely because of the founders’ credentials. “It is far too early to tell if the coins being earned will be worth anything.

What are Circles of Safety?

While I share at least the apprehension about how they set it up so earlier adopters “mine” at a faster rate, that portion of their roadmap is similar to pioneering cryptocurrencies (e.g., bitcoin). It appears that decision was made in part as a psychological boost to ensure participation. The comparison to MLM stops there, as you are only able to get a “mining” “boost” from the those who joined Pi directly from you and only while they are “mining”. Understand cryptocurrencies first and blockchain, and then understand the problems with current cryptocurrency frameworks especially as regard currency distribution. Firstly and out rightly saying that Pi is some MLM platform is something that is incorrect. Multi-Level Marketing implies that there is some sort of buying and selling of products, whereas Pi Network values building a community.

Users are not confirming transactions at this time, at least not yet. In actuality, individuals get Pi tokens for accessing the application once per day and demonstrating that they are not a robot. The Pi Network was established by Stanford University academics Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan.

  • This novel method permits crypto mining in your telephone by leveraging your current social connections, with no monetary value, no battery drain, and a lightweight footprint on the planet.
  • In March 2022, the Pi Network claimed that its user base had reached 33 million users.
  • The Pi Network will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges soon.
  • My aim here is to help you not to fall for that and teach you how really you can make money online.
  • Each active miner you refer to the app will boost your earnings by 25%.

I just want to say, your responses to comments seem to be condescending! The same with pi, guy studied at Stanford should give it credit, but without blockchain means it’s a waste of time. But I am not clear on whether you read the article because most of your points (your newsflash, whether we reached out to the Pi team etc.) are in the article. Because of the so-called experts, many of us were de-motivated and missed the boat completely, and look where we are today.

For more, feel free to read why we think it is likely to be a dangerous scam. We don’t normally write about B2C topics but we make an exception in case of topics where we looked for answers and couldn’t easily find them. And this is an investment related topic so please read this claimer. Steve, KO4KGS, explains why some ICs are in short supply these days, and as a result, why some radios are also in short supply.

Last thing I see is their Application page to work there. It basically calls for past or prior students to apply. If I was on the Stanford Board, I would immediately call for them to remove ANY mention of association with the school.