How Secure is Your Home? : 5 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know About

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With over 26,000 homes burgled in Ireland each year, it is crucial to know that your savings and valuables are safe and secure. There are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of being a victim of burglaries.

  1. Safe Deposit Boxes
  2. Window Security
  3. Door Security
  4. Alarms
  5. Flats and Apartments Security


  1. Safe Deposit Boxes

Jewellery and cash are the most commonly taken items, and it is recommended that only small amounts of cash should be kept in the home. While there are a number places in the home to store savings and valuable items; i.e. a loft, a home safe, a hole in the ground, etc, these options are not secure and are vulnerable locations when it comes to potential intruders. recommends Sentinel Vaults, who offer peace of mind by providing state-of-the-art, modern security to keep savings, gold, jewellery, heirlooms, wills, deeds and other sensitive documents safe and secure.

Sentinel Vaults is the only safe deposit box facility in Ireland that is certified, registered and accredited. This shows that Sentinel Vaults have passed strict due diligence and compliance to operate as custodians of safekeeping. It is imperative that customers realise the importance of using an accredited, certified and registered safe deposit box facility.


  1. Window Security

A general rule to follow is that the handle should not be the only means of keeping the window closed. A locking system should be fitted within the framework and the handle is used as a means of engaging the internal locking system.

Windows are one of the weakest entry points in the home so it’s good practice to invest in some security for your windows especially on the ground level. recommends the following:

NoGo Window Pane Lock

With the NoGo Window Lock the discreet lock is fixed to the inside of the upvc or wooden double glazed window frame, securing it and making it impossible for the glass panel to be removed.

Window Restrictors

The Window Restrictor is ideal for restricting the opening of a window for child safety or security. Restrictors are perfect for rooms that regularly require ventilation i.e Bathroom. Burglars prefer houses that they can get in and out of as quickly as possible.

Sash Window Lock

The Sash Jammer/ Sash Guard window lock is a simple and easy to fit additional security device for your upvc windows or doors. The Sash Jammer / Guard simply screws into the frame of your door or window and the arm pushes over the opening part of your window or door preventing it from being forced open.

Security Windows

Bulletproof windows that are tested to withstand the impact of 9mm handgun shells fired from close range. The bulletproof window may be specified for individual areas of your home or a total external and internal security solution featuring security windows and doors at key points throughout the house.


  1. Door Security

According to recent crime statistics front doors are the burglar’s preferred point of entry into the home. Therefore, when considering enhancing security around the home, doors should be one of the top priorities. You can improve home security by making simple adjustments to your front door. recommends the following:

Security Doors

Security doors are manufactured to the highest quality standard (EN1627 European Standard) and contain the best locking systems to keep your family and property safe. These security doors use a combination of steel and wood to provide strength and resistance to unpredictable weather.

Door Reinforcement Bar

In Ireland, front doors open inwards, making it very easy for the burglar to enter your home by forcing the door and frame or kicking it in. Secure Locking Bars will stop a burglar kicking in your door to enter and rob your home. These are a cost effective solution to secure your doors without changing your existing door. The bars can take the pressure of the frame which is the weakest part of any door.

Euro Profile Cylinders

StoptheBurglar’s range of Mottura high quality Euro Profile Cylinders are bump resistant, snap resistant, drill resistant and pick resistant. The cylinder shell is protected by a specially patented anti-wrench reinforcement, making it even more resistant to attempted break-ins and forced extraction of the cylinder.

Door Chains

While it may be easy to bolt on or screw-on locks and bolts to wooden doors, for most PVC door manufacturers if you tamper with the actual door frame it voids your warranty. If you have a uPVC door that needs a simple but extremely effective security chain then the Secure Ring is ideal as it doesn’t void your warranty and provides extra strength where you need it.

French Door Lock

Patlock’s French door lock and conservatory double door lock is a home security product and the ultimate visual deterrent for would be intruders, while providing home owners with instant peace of mind.

Sliding Patio Door Lock

The most common security weakness with sliding patio doors is to be found in their fitting along the running rails. In some instances it is possible to lift the door completely out of the running rail. The placement and angle of the door lock prevents the door from being lifted up and also prevents the door being pulled out.


  1. Alarms

Alarm systems are a worthwhile investment in the protection of your home and family. Studies reveal that it is far less likely that you will become the victim of a burglary at home if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained burglar alarm. It is important not to just have an alarm installed, but also have it monitored and use it even when you are at home. recommends NCFS Alarms.

NCFS Alarms are PSA licensed and have a wide variety of burglar alarms to add to your residential security system to help give you more peace of mind and better burglary protection in your home than ever before.


  1. Flats and Apartments Security

Burglars will often target blocks of flats because they can easily gain access to them through a communal entrance, which may have poor access control. Once inside they will often go straight to the top floor flats first, as there is less likelihood of passers by seeing them whilst they break in.

Main front doors of apartment blocks with auto entry with a key code or fob should not be mistaken as security doors and not to be depended on for your security. Strangers can enter too easily and doors and frames of apartments are not strong enough to withstand being kicked in, or the door cylinder snapped or bumped.

Experts say that the wood used in apartment entrance doors and frames will not keep the burglar out, therefore, offer a range of options to be added to existing apartment doors to give the door and frame more security.