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The digital gold saw a surge in 2020 that attracted the attention of global financial institutions and investors, especially considering the economic downturn influenced by the pandemic. Following on from our last post, we indicated that there’s a final bearish wave left. Once this bearish leg is completed, we will be looking for bullish price action for the next bull run. Shorting Bitcoin here will be a bit risky with limited gains to be made. From Google — Not mineTelegram groups, which are like generic cryptocurrency discussion groups or analysis groups — These groups must be calm and lifeless for past few months.

crypto bull run

The platform’s native token, TAMA, is used for all in-game transactions, and it doesn’t have any transfer fees. It’s the first meme coin with real utility, and it’s only going to become even more relevant as the project adds new features and games in the future. IBAT recently sold out its presale just 24 days into the 90-day event, which goes on to show its immense long-term growth potential. IBAT will be soon listed on popular crypto exchanges, beginning with PancakeSwap. The next step is to start the game development and beta testing.

Crypto to watch out for in the next bitcoin bull run in 2022

This is because they have better chances of holding up against a crash. Rising GDP ushers in a bull market, while falling GDP signals the emergence of a bear market. This is because GDP typically increases alongside revenue increases for companies and rising salaries for employees. Prices typically drop the moment the market receives news concerning unfavorable conditions regarding a particular cryptocurrency or stock.

In many respects, bull and bear markets are irrelevant to seasoned traders, who have little interest in chasing trends, money, all-time highs, or performance metrics. Rather, the smart trader is one who manages to set clear and realistic expectations, build and optimise an effective automated trading system, and keep a clear eye on the future of cryptocurrencies. Finally, after billionaire Mark Cuban lost some money in a recent rugpull, he has been calling for regulation in the crypto markets. Although this may seem bearish at first, regulation can prove to be a good thing. It is unlikely to bring outright bans and more likely to see the US embracing bitcoin-friendly laws in order to push it to the forefront worldwide. What’s interesting to note is bitcoin has thus far outperformed the previous halving, only recently seeing lower gains than before, but still primed for a decent bull run.

  • By mid-May 2021, this figure, known as the market cap, had risen to more than $2.5 trillion.
  • But then the government of Cyprus announced a bail-in for banks, meaning that those banks had to impose losses on their clients.
  • “Bitcoin bull market cycles come every four years and this is a big one,” said Lee, who is currently the chief executive of crypto wallet Ballet.
  • Buying during bullish markets can contribute to the uptrend, and therefore can also drive your profits as the market strengthens.
  • So, increase in the activity on telegram groups along with other signs would be a way to identify an incoming bull run.
  • The problem with this approach is that the stock market doesn’t pay much attention to theories.

It shouldn’t significantly change your crypto investments or how you invest in crypto if you’re in it for the long haul. Given the crypto’s history of volatility, this increase doesn’t guarantee a long-term reversal. Crypto prices are just as likely to fall back down as they are to continue climbing. Despite the positive momentum over the last few days, the crypto market is still suffering. Both bitcoin and ethereum are down more than 50% this year, and bitcoin posted its worst quarterly loss in more than a decade between April and June.

The Dip Before The Run: Why We’re Headed For $250,000 Bitcoin

We strongly believe that India has the potential to lead this massive technological shift unleashed by xryptos, and we want to play an active role in shaping the future. The technology that enables a shared and open flow of value, crypto tokens, can also be leveraged to reshape the internet infrastructure. At CoinSwitch, we strongly believe that some of the biggest companies of today were built in the bear markets of yesteryears. Between then and now, the market has only grown, with more innovations, use-cases, and investors.

The next crypto bull run could even result from a surge of interest in an altcoin such as Cardano, which many tout as the next Ethereum killer. Then, as the bull market continues to grow stronger, investors will then slowly decline because they are likely selling the currency and cashing out. For this reason, bull and bear markets affect crypto in a different way to stocks due to their added volatility and the speed of exchanges. With cryptocurrency, however, trends differ due to crypto’s susceptibility to fluctuations. As such, crypto markets tend to move faster as soon as bull or bear market trends take hold. It may not be the case with cryptocurrency since crypto investors give feedback that affects crypto differently as compared to stocks.

The latter have had to sell more of their BTC stock to meet debt obligations in the face of higher energy prices and low BTC prices, according to a report by QCP Capital. In this article, we discuss the 10 cryptocurrencies Redditors are buying for the next bull run. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency market, go directly to the 5 Cryptocurrencies Redditors are Buying for the Next Bull Run. “Bitcoin hovered above the US$22,000 level, gaining 5% over the previous day. If the price can fix at that level, we may see a further upward move,” Edul Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Mudrex, a crypto investing platform, said.