Everyone has important documents that they want to ensure are looked after and fully secure, from financial records through to wills and other legal documents. There are many different options for document safekeeping that people can choose from, some more secure than others.

Whilst a file cabinet or a home safe does provide the reassurance that important documents are filed in an organised way and all together in a safe place, they can still fall victim to certain misfortune. If you are looking to safeguard your documents by using the ultimate protection, Document Safekeeping is the very best option.

What kind of documents?

Throughout your life and your career, it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up copious amounts of documents of significance. These kinds of documents are ones that you want to keep safe but with minimum effort – no changing codes on a weekly basis and no constant worry when you are away from home.

Document Safekeeping provides the ultimate security for all kinds of documents, including:

The benefits of Document Safekeeping

Total security

Something that shoebox underneath your bed doesn’t have: total security. By using professional services and secure facilities, you can guarantee the very best protection for your important documents.

Our clients are provided with a tamper-evident wallet to contain their valuable documents, which will then be transferred and held in a secure underground vault. On top of this high-level security unit, there are a number of other security systems in place to ensure the safety and protection of these documents at all times. These security systems include:

With this level of protection, you can feel assured that your valuables are safe from burglary and theft at all times, no matter where you are.


Natural disasters are unfortunately things beyond our control. Earthquakes and floods (among other things) can seriously damage people’s lives. Homes and personal possessions can be destroyed or damaged beyond repair or recovery with no warning. Our carefully structured vaults decrease risks of destruction.

By opting for professional protection services, you also lower the risk of essential documents and valuables being harmed in any domestic disasters like fires and flooding.

Easy to locate

The knowledge that all of documents of importance or significance are in one place is a huge reassurance to all of our clients. It means they are easy to locate for both the client and the client’s family should they need to. For example, in the unfortunate occurrence of a sudden death could require the family to find a will, or particular instructions.

Easy access

Not only will all your documents be easy to find, but they will be easy to access as well. Don’t think that because they’re shut away in our secure underground vaults that you can only see them on a one-off occasion. No, you are able to come and access your documents as often as you need – and completely free of charge.

Out of sight, and because of our high-level security, out of mind. You’ll never have to worry about losing your passport before travelling, or misplacing essential papers of a work or domestic agreement again.

Eliminate clutter in your home

For the clean-freaks out there, there’s no denying the satisfaction of not having to worry about the huge amount of documents and files you collect over the years. Not only do you have the reassurance that they are safeguarded and under complete security at all times, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them tidy and organised at home.

Receipts and bills can often be discarded carelessly about the home, making them difficult to find and building up clutter. With professional services, you are encouraged to organise your documents as a one-off occasion, before sending them to be kept our underground vaults.


Document Safekeeping provides customers with a cost-effective solution to keeping their precious files in the safest possible environment. This lowers the risks of damage and theft which can often have very pricey results, and also reduces the costs of home contents insurance too.