If you own or are looking to purchase gold bullion, it’s essential that you assess your storage options for your precious metals. Why? Because gold is extremely valuable and you want to avoid any potential risks of it being lost, stolen or damaged in any way.

There are a number of options you can look to for storing your gold bullion, as well as any other precious possessions you may have. Each of the options has pros and cons to a degree, and the best option for you is often dependable on factors such as the size or value of your collection.

At home

Whilst the idea of keeping your precious possessions close to home might seem natural, it is the option that poses the highest number of risks. Realistically, whilst you may want to take full possession of your gold, you are not always there to protect these valuables – not to mention the fact that you don’t always have the ability to protect them.

Of course, those that own gold bullion will know the dangers of divulging any information about the prized possessions stored in their household, however that does not make them safe. Storing your gold bullion at home, in whatever quantity, means that it is more likely to be at risk to theft, fires, and natural disasters.

Whether you have made a large investment in the material or a smaller one, there are tips to take on if you want to store it at home. As we’ve already mentioned, discretion is key – although it is important that someone else is aware of your possession of gold in case of forgetfulness or, worst case scenario, something happens to you.

Home safes are always available and provide a reasonable amount of safety and security for important documents and valuable goods, but they are often the first thing for a thief to look to on an intrusion. Hiding your gold bullion in unexpected places is another approach; secret holes in the wall or fake books may seem like a thing in movies, but it means your gold is far less likely to be ‘stumbled across’.

Allocated storage

Facilities with allocated storage and vaults for gold bullion are available for those that own it. Here it can be stored, sold and bought by many – all from one place. This makes it a particularly popular option for investors in gold bullion that are looking to sell at some point. Having their gold stored in a bullion vault means that it is situated in the prime position, right in the centre of the gold-buying marketplace, making the gold easy to find and easy to sell.

Safe deposit box

A safe deposit box is a popular option for anyone looking for safe and secure storage for their most prized personal possessions. That’s because it offers the ideal combination of high-level security of your goods and accessibility as the owner.

Safe deposit boxes present you with unmatchable security around the clock, avoiding the risks of home intrusion, domestic disasters and natural disasters. This is something that cannot be guaranteed for the average man or woman who stores their gold at home, no matter how good the hiding place is!

With state-of-the-art technology, specialised safe deposit box facilities like Sentinel Vaults, offer the 24-hour protection of your possessions, and one sole place that you can keep all your most important and valuable items that you can access whenever you want. So, not only do safe deposit boxes offer you the peace of mind with the knowledge your goods are safe and secure at all times, they offer you the flexibility that you want as the owner. It’s the hassle-free and convenient storage option that you so rightly deserve.

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